Morning Shootaround: Wizards Run Into a Wall

Sunglasses & Advil:

Last night was mad real.

Awaken the beast. Inform the Cavaliers of Cleveland that their prey awaits. The Celtics of Boston have defeated the mighty Wizards of Washington with the help of Kelly Olynyk, a slow, yet lethal, fellow with confusing facial hair and a man bun atop his head. It was a close battle throughout as both sides traded devastating blows. However, as the showdown came to an end, the Wizards ran into a metaphorical wall as their leader, one John Wall, seemed to run out of energy.

With Wall going scoreless in his last 19 minutes of action, Bradley Beal put the team on his back. Beal hit an array of threes to keep the Wizards within striking distance. However, Isaiah Thomas, leader of the Celtics of Boston, struck with a vengeance in the fourth quarter. His will moved Boston out of striking distance from the Wizards and their sorcery came up short. Amid all of the madness was Olynyk, a man whose safety one could question in the likes of the nation's capital. He finished with 26 and the Celtics defeated the Wizards 115-105, advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals to face the Cavaliers. Jaylen Brown, his freakish athleticism included, and Marcus Smart were also vital to the Celtics win.

But enough of the banter. The eventual manslaughter commences soon. The well-rested Cavaliers, undefeated in the playoffs, now face their final challenge before having the luxury of defending their title versus the revamped Golden State Warriors. A full preview of the series will be released tomorrow before the game.

BOS @ CLE | Wednesday, May 17th | 8:30 PM ET on TNT

When the Sun falls, then the Moonlight:

It might not be a hell of a night.

Game 1 was incredible for more than half of the game, then Kawhi Leonard went down and it changed everything. The Spurs were on the verge of demolishing the Golden State Warriors until their captain left the game due to a controversial ankle injury. Zaza Pachulia contested a shot and stepped into Leonard's landing space. Gregg Popovich certainly had a lot to say about the injury.

This series might turn out to be incredibly boring as the Warriors walk all over the Spurs, assuming Leonard misses extended time. Should he return with enough time, we may in fact be in for an extraordinary series and you better hope that's the case. If not, the conference finals might be one big snooze-fest. For a full recap of the series, click here.

Kawhi Leonard (ankle) is listed as doubtful.

SAS @ GSW | 9:00 PM ET on ESPN | Warriors lead the series 1-0.

Lines of the Night:

Kelly Olynyk: 26 points (10-for-14) | 5 rebounds | 4 assists | W

Bradley Beal: 38 points (11-for-21) | 5-for 10 from three | 4 rebounds | L

Isaiah Thomas: 29 points (9-for-21) | 12 assists | W

John Wall: 18 points (8-for-23) | 7 rebounds | 11 assists | L

Otto Porter Jr.: 20 points (6-for-10) | 10 rebounds | L


  • Brad Stevens has now reached the Eastern Conference Finals with the Boston Celtics before Doc Rivers has with the Los Angeles Clippers.
  • The Los Angeles Clippers introduced their new G-League (formerly known as the D-League) affiliate. The Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario (yes, that entire thing is their name) were mocked on social media for both their lengthy name and their much, much better looking logo (in comparison to its NBA big brother franchise).