Morning Shootaround: Regression to the Mean

Morning Shootaround: Regression to the Mean

Sunglasses & Advil:

If you thought that Marcus Smart was going to have another stellar shooting game, LeBron James was going to put up another stinker, and the Boston Celtics would stun the world again, I have some bad news for you. The Cleveland Cavaliers dominated, James did not, in fact, put up another stinker, the Cavs shot 71% in the second half, and the "Big Three" put up the most points they ever have together in a postseason game. Boston, and frankly no team in the league, has a prayer when all of those things are true.

Boston was phenomenal in the first half, building a ten-point lead. They came out and built on their Game 3 win by sharing the ball, passing crisply, and finding holes in Cleveland's offense. They were even gifted with LeBron James foul trouble; he had four in the first half, something that's never happened before in his career (the jokes write themselves, to be honest). What happened when James hit the bench was crucial. Kyrie Irving got in a rhythm, and the Celtics let him get comfortable. This came back to bite them.

Irving was on another planet (a flat one, perhaps) in the third quarter. He put up 21 points in the third alone, finishing the game with a cool career-high 42 points. His performance carried the team, and the Cavs hold a commanding 3-1 lead of the Celtics because of it. Now they just have to hope that history doesn't repeat itself from the last time they were in a series that involved a 3-1 lead. If Irving keeps playing like this, they won't have many problems.

I mean, seriously. He Rondo'd the Celtics. Just disrespectful:


In the end, we're all winners because we're getting a somewhat competitive series. This could have been four blowouts, leaving us having to wait nine days until the Finals. Because of Game 3, the wait will be at most one week. Cleveland will look to close out the Celtics in Boston on Thursday in Game 5.

The Cavaliers lead the Celtics 3-1.

When the Sun falls, then the Moonlight:


With the Golden State Warriors sweeping the the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals, there are no games scheduled for tonight. Instead, here's proof that LeBron James is human:


Lines of the Night:

Al Horford: 16 points (7-for-11) | 3 rebounds | 7 assists | L

Avery Bradley: 19 points (7-for-19) | 5 rebounds | 2 steals | L

Kevin Love: 17 points (6-for-13) | 17 rebounds | 5 assists | W

Kyrie Irving: 42 points (15-for-22) | 3 rebounds | 4 assists | W

LeBron James: 34 points (15-for-27) | 5 rebounds | 6 assists | W