Jimmy Butler's Subtle Nod to Derrick Rose

Jimmy Butler's Subtle Nod to Derrick Rose

Former teammates presumed to have dissension between the two of them and now on separate teams, Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler never got to fully blossom as the backcourt duo many people thought they might be able to. However, apparent dysfunction between the two and the rest of the team lead to the Chicago Bulls to trade the former to the New York Knicks. Butler, 27, and Rose, 28, are still students of the game and students of each other. Having spent multiple seasons at a young age playing with each other (barring health), watching them on separate teams from each other shows that at times, they each have a little bit of the other’s playstyle ingrained within them, even if it’s just subtle nods to the other.

The subtle nods were put on full display last night at the United Center when the Bulls hosted the Brooklyn Nets. With the game tied at 99 a piece and Chicago in possession to end the game, who else would have the ball in his hands at the top of the key than the Butler (worth noting the Dwyane Wade left the game early due to a migraine)? With the entire United Center on their feet and the ball in his hands, Butler did not disappoint.

Butler channeled a little bit of his inner Windy City Assassin and stepped back and kissed himself (that was very weird to type).

Let’s offer a double-comparison to Derrick Rose’s game winner against the Milwaukee Bucks four years ago.

Need further video to make a decision? Watch both of the game-winners back-to-back seamlessly.


Comparing the two game winners, it’s clear where Butler may have inadvertently and subconsciously received his inspiration from. The two shots are almost identical, with Butler’s coming from the top of the key, and Rose’s coming from the wing area. When it comes to form, however, these two shots are nearly identical.

Starting with the isolation motions, both Rose and Butler ran the ball from their favorite attacking areas, with two capable three-point threats on either side of them. They ran through their favorite iso-motion maneuver, which is the crossover. They both utilized a lethal part of their arsenal, which is the step-back, a move that Butler picked up on from watching Rose in his early seasons. Most importantly, the end result was still the same; a Bulls victory with Stacey King sending everybody off whilst saying, “Drive home safely, beep beep!