Anthony Davis Could Invent NBA Triple Crown

Anthony Davis Could Invent NBA Triple Crown

I always tried so hard to fit in, and then I figured out that I didn't want to fit.

Anthony Davis surely is setting himself apart from the rest of the NBA. Not only is he a tantalizing guy to go up against, standing 6'11" and weighing in at 220 lbs. as well as always having that menacing look on his face to complement "the brow", but his talent is sky-rocketing through the roof. Now in his third year in the NBA, the 21-year old star PF is looking to carry the Pelicans to new heights. Although the Pelicans are sitting at 10th place in the Western Conference with a 6-5 record, Davis is quickly establishing himself as the frontrunner for the 2014-15 Most Valuable Player award. That may not be the only award Davis gets this year.

When sports fans hear the words "Triple Crown", they likely immediately think of horse racing. If their first thought is not horse racing, it's likely that their first thought turns to the MLB and guys like Miguel Cabrera (leading their respective league in home runs, runners batted in and batting average). However, Anthony Davis could be crowned a triple-crown winner in the NBA at the end of this season (and if not this season, his potential is limitless and he can achieve it any of the following seasons). The triple-crown award he would win in the NBA would be alike the one in the MLB, where you would have to lead your conference in 3 major statistical categories in order to win. The three statistical categories would be points per game, rebounds per game and blocks per game.

To start off, Davis is light-years ahead of anyone else in Player Efficiency Rating, dominating the league with a 34.22 PER. That's because he is playing incredibly efficient basketball while dominating other statistical categories. Among Western Conference players, Davis is 2nd in points per game, tallying 24.8 points on average each contest. In rebounds per game, Davis is 5th, notching 11.2 rebounds per game (but only trails 1st place DeAndre Jordan by 1 rebound per game). In blocks per game, Davis sits head and shoulders above the rest, leading the Western Conference (and entire NBA) by notching 3.7 blocks per game.

Davis' greatness doesn't stop there. Davis is currently 3rd in the NBA in steals per game, notching 2.2 each contest. Davis is also  shooting 56.4% from the field this season, knocking down 10 of his 17.7 shot attempts per game. Davis is also leading the league in estimated wins added (4.5). He's also leading the league in value added by an absolute mile (Value Added = ([Minutes * (PER - PRL)] / 67). Davis' 135.6 value added is sky-rocketing over 2nd place Chris Paul, whose value added sits at 90.8. Davis is having an unprecedented year in terms of pure statistics. On the court, he is just simply dominating opponents, night in and night out. His year could culminate in one of the most impressive regular seasons of all-time for a power forward of his age, and he is a legitimate threat to win a Triple Crown in the NBA.