Lakers Lose Julius Randle to Leg Injury

Lakers Lose Julius Randle to Leg Injury

Updated: October 29th, 1:30 AM ET

Rookie Julius Randle suffered a right leg injury in the 4th quarter of a season opener blowout. Randle was clearly in massive pain and discomfort and was escorted off the court on a stretcher. TNT's Rachel Nichols reports that Randle suffered a broken right leg, although it is safer to wait for official word from the Lakers' trainer. Randle, due to the fact that he is left handed, tends to put a lot more stress on his right leg than his left leg, being that it is the leg he tends to explode off of the most.

It should be noted that Randle had a screw placed in his foot to repair a broken fifth metatarsal, located on the outside of his right foot, when he suffered an injury at the beginning of his senior season in high school. It was determined over the summer that Randle would not require surgery on the foot. Whether this relates directly to this fracture or not is yet to be determined. However, it may be important to know his injury history in order to gain a better understanding of the situation.

As we await official word from the Lakers, stay tuned for details.

Updated: October 29th, 1:45 AM ET

Lakers now say Randle has a fractured right tibia and is being transported to a hospital, where a decision will be made on whether or not he will undergo surgery. The concern within the Lakers organization is that this may be season-ending, although still unconfirmed.

Updated: October 29th, 3:45 PM ET

Julius Randle underwent successful surgery this morning and is expected to make a full recovery. Randle will be out for the remainder of the season.